George Barrett, The Reggae Show
Van Morrison : Belfast Soul - April 9th, 9am-noon
 Gwendolyn Reischman, In the Pines
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What's Going On

Join us for a night of celebration and appreciation for alumni, current programmers and hosts, volunteers, members, guests, listeners. Everyone welcome!

The night will begin at 7:00 with a mixer event for alumni and current programmers to share stories. Folks...

If you're an Urban Renewal Project listener Tuesday nights 10 pm to midnight, check out what DJ Denise has put together for you! 
March 19, 2015...

On the weekend, Todd Serious of the Rebel Spell, died in a climbing accident. This clip is a tribute to Todd and aired on ...

Good Times!

Community members celebrating our 35th!
Community members celebrating our 35th!
What's a party without lots of horns?
Community Members
Murray Porter and Suzette Suzette Amaya
Co-op Float at the Pride Parade 2010
Man attempts to float to the moon.
One of the excellent musicians at our 35th celebration
Jasper Sloan Yip singing his heart out.
Folks from People's Co-op Bookstore!
Co-op Float at the Pride Parade 2010
Balloons Outisde The Wise Hall At Our 100.5 FM Launch Party
At the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in July 2010
Community members celebrating our 35th!
Jasper Sloan Yip and his drummer at our 100.5 FM Launch Party
Rhizome Cafe Event September 18th
Community Member
Co-op Float at the Pride Parade 2010
Community Member
New Banner at our September 10 move to 100.5FM!