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Re-threading Madness

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An innovative program about Mental Health

Re-Threading Madness dares to change how we think about mental health.

About your host

Bernadine Fox, a trauma survivor, is an artist, author, and an intersectional feminist who has some 30 years of experience advocating around mental health issues. She has worked as a support worker for survivors of severe childhood trauma, as a consultant around trauma issues, and as a public speaker but is not a therapist.  She ran the Expressive Arts Group for the West Coast Mental Health Network in conjunction with both the Richmond Mental Health Dept and Gallery Gachet.  As an Associate Member of Gachet and on the former Board, Bernadine participated in a variety of programs along with the production of the magazine entitled, The Ear. She has been on the board for Kickstart (Disability Arts and Culture) working to ensure that disabilities (whether physical or emotional) impact less and less on the ability of folks to engage with art.  Bernadine knows how to talk with folks about hard issues.  She isn't afraid to ask the questions others shy away from.  She raises her grandchild and currently lives in the forest with two cats and two rats and has published a memoir about her experience of abuse at the hands of her therapist, "Coming To Voice: Surviving an Abusive Therapist."


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