Co-op Radio Logo


To produce creative and engaging programming for communities whose voices are underrepresented in the mainstream media.


A cooperative society rooted in social justice values where media operate in the interests of people and where creativity flourishes.



We value and solicit the input of members and the community.  We work to reduce barriers to ensure accessibility and full participation of all the communities we serve. We value the knowledge and skills that community members bring to the station. We support skill-sharing through learning, sharing and teaching in order to encourage growth within the station and throughout the broader community.


                We value open and respectful dialogue and seek to build bridges of co-operation among the diverse communities we serve. We
                believe in fostering a healthy, sustainable environment within the organization.


Social Justice:

We challenge systems of oppression by promoting progressive social and economic change, and equal opportunities and outcomes for all.


We are firmly committed to our independence as a member-owned community station in a world of media steeped in corporate domination. We remain free of commercial and corporate interests.  We value and celebrate that we are community-owned alternative media.


We are rooted in volunteerism and diversity.  We exist through the support of the communities we serve.