There are several ways to listen to Co-op Radio!

On your FM Dial:  

Tune in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 100.5 FM

Live Streaming from your computer:

Choose 128Kbps stream - this is for listening to what is being broadcast on the radio in real time.

(Wed Aug 6th, 5pm) Live stream is currently not working. Service should be restored by Thurs Aug 7th. Sorry for any inconvenience. If the stream is not working and there is no problem report on this page, please try troubleshooting by clicking on this FAQ page.  If your question is not answered there, please report here

On your Mobile Device:

iPhones/iPad:  Did you know that you can just click the listen link on your iPhone and itunes will play your stream on your phone or iPad?  And the best part is that you can use other apps while the stream is running.  Or you can use apps such as TuneIn. 

Android:  You will need to download an app.

You can also listen to the station from the coopradio website on your phone too!  The listen now button will open up the stream in your media player or iTunes.

Download past shows:

Audio mp3 archive 128Kbps

These are provided in 1 hour chunks. You can search by show name and time.  
Please use the program grid for even easier navigation of show time slots.

Click here to find links to individual shows on the program grid.

Other Ways to Listen:

Satellite: Starchoice 845

Telus TV: Channel 3718

Having trouble with the Stream or Archives?

Click here to report your Issue.  Our Technical Department will work on getting this fixed.