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Listening to CFRO

Mar 2009

Now streaming live in 128Kbps or 32Kbps stereo MP3.

MP3 audio archives: 128Kbps or 32Kbps.

On Satellite: Starchoice 845
Cable: Cable television-radio throughout most of British Columbia. The cable company in each part of the province provides a frequency, some of which are 102.7 and 104.9. Check your local listings.

If you are a fan of CFRO and love to listen to us online, then we could really use your help. We want to improve our systems and ensure 24/7 reliabilty with maximum quality. For this and many other exciting enhancements that will improve the CFRO online experience we need your financial support. So please become a member or donate. Thanks for your patience and support!


You can hear us on 102.7 FM in the Vancouver area, we're also available via live internet stream, cable FM (check your cable provider listings for frequency) and StarChoice satellite channel 845.

Listen now with 128Kbps 44Khz Stereo MP3 playlists: [PLS] [M3U] [ASX]

Listen now with 32Kbps 44Khz Stereo MP3 playlists: [PLS] [M3U] [ASX]

If you have trouble with the playlist links above, try using a direct link for the streams 128Kbps or 32Kbps or by pasting the server address into your audio player (go to Open Stream or Open URL): http://www.virishi.net:8000/cfro-64k-mp3 (128Kbps) http://www.virishi.net:8000/cfro-32k-mp3 (32Kbps)

Missed your favorite show? Listen to the mp3 audio archives: 128Kbps archive or 32Kbps archive.

Audio Players

  • for the Mac try iTunes or Quicktime
  • for Linux, BSD, or Solaris try XMMS, or mpg321
  • for Windows try Winamp, Windows Media Player, or Realplayer

Thanks to Free Geek Community Technology Centre and Vancouver Community Network for providing the computers necessary to make this project a reality.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Question: I can't access the stream at all.
  • Answer: Our network may be down, or the stream location has changed (check this page for the current stream location). Also, some paranoid computer networks (i.e. work) don't allow you to access port 8000, which is the port our stream uses. Try from a different computer network.
  • Question: How come there is a delay, when comparing the audio stream to the radio signal at 102.7 FM?
  • Answer: Due to network latency, there will be always be a 10-30 second delay when listening to CFRO online.
  • Question: I've tried all the playlist options and I still can't access the stream.
  • Answer: All questions not answered here should be directed to cfro-feedback AT-SYMBOL coopradio DOT org and put CFRO audio stream in the subject. Please make sure you describe the problem in detail including which audio player, which stream/playlist, the time you tried (PST), etc.
  • Question: I think Coop Radio is fantastic! How can I support the station and the streaming audio?
  • Answer: Consider making a donation or becoming a member. >>>Find out how<<<