• Thursday 1-2pm

The World Poetry Café is celebrating its 20th year in 2018. We are a multilingual and multicultural show with listeners in 106 countries. We have poetry both local and from around the world. Book launches with poets and writers and CDs launching with a number of musicians, artists, and filmmakers.

When a guest comes on the show or phones in, they are promoted on WP Facebook pages, Twitter, and our website. We celebrate creators of all ages and levels of expertise, taking care to give coverage to those whose voices may not be heard. At times we have guest hosts and are starting short sections from correspondents in Canada and around the world. We usually have two guests per show and are booked up two months in advance. We get submissions from publishers, agents, and publicists as well as poets. We have partner ties with Braithwaite & Katz, Fifteen Minutes (LA), as well as The Afro News.

Visit our website: www.worldpoetry.ca

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