• Wednesday 9-10pm

Cut And Run is a collective who aggregates and disseminates omnivorous aural media. In particular, we produce this weekly radio show in Vancouver, maintain the Cut And Run sound/event/review archive, and host/curate/promote events. We are form agnostics, curatorial inquisitives and anthropological diggers.

While we consider ourselves inheritors of a legacy of acoustic ecology and experimental music, we are attached more to the processes exhibited in these traditions rather than the genres to which these terms can refer. How one inhabits experimental listening in the present moment is very much an open question.

On-air and on-line you can hear:

  • Interviews, artist profiles and local, national and international guests
  • Soundscapes, field recordings and other musics presented askance
  • Themed explorations of aural media and its consumption.
  • Spoken texts, lectures, essays and rants...

….all Cut and Run.

Contact us by e-mail about any of the above, to host or promote a Soundscape-friendly or otherwise experimental music event in Vancouver or to share recordings for on-air play or review at: soundscape.radio@gmail.com

We accept demos and promotional materials at this mailing address:

Soundscape c/o CFRO Vancouver Co-Operative Radio
110 – 360 Columbia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 4J1

We listen to everything that gets sent our way, but we can promise only to play what we find appropriate to Soundscape’s programme. Thanks for your consideration.