Any contributions of equipment or money help us to keep you listening! 

You can donate the following necessities as in-kind donations, or you can donate money earmarked for these items:

  • Mic & Cable Installation $25
  • Turntable Replacement Stylus $30
  • Headphones $50
  • Microphone $125
  • LCD Monitor for Control Room C $200
  • Flash Recorder $250
  • CD Player $350
  • Rolls/coils of 100  "Permanent" domestic postal stamps. Also available in booklets of 10, 25 and coils of 50 from Canada Post, online or at kiosk.
  • Good sturdy office chairs: adjustable, with wheels, non-creaky (so you don't hear them on air)
  • One hour show of your choice on air for a year - $1000

Please contact us to arrange the details of your donation: or 604-684-8494 ext. 230