Station Orientations

Find out more about Co-op Radio and how to get involved:

Due to the pandemic, in-person Station Orientations are on hold. 

Sign-up Here for a virtual station orientation.


Come to the station, located at: 

370 Columbia St. in Vancouver

This information session will provide you with basic information about the station, the programming we offer and how you can get involved. 

For more information contact or 604-684-8494 ext 226


How to become a volunteer programmer

One of the fastest ways to get experience in radio production and to contribute to our broadcasting is to join an existing show.  Each show is unique and has a different working structure.  Each show and its programmers has their own requirements for volunteers joining their production crew.  Most shows are looking for new contributors. 

Step 1: Listen to Co-op Radio to figure out which shows you would like to be part of.

Step 2: Come to a Station Orientation (information above).

Step 3: Become a member of Co-op Radio. All programmers must be members of Co-op Radio.

Step 4: Once you identify which show you are interested in, you will be invited to sit in on the show and meet the people producing the show.  If there is a fit with the production team, you will be given more direction on specific ways to contribute. Each show is different in what they will ask you to do.

Step 5: Once you have been accepted on a show, you will be required to take Co-op Radio's mandatory training. 

Here are some shows that are currently looking for new people:

How to start a new show on Co-op Radio

Step 1: Attend a Station Orientation (information above).

Step 2: Listen to Co-op Radio to find out if there are any existing shows that you could tap into.

Step 3: Make an appointment with the Program Co-ordinator to discuss your show idea and to receive a program application. Contact or 604-684-8494604-684-8494 ext 226

We are actively looking for people to produce shows on:

  • Middle East politics
  • children's programming
  • peace
  • storybook reading / literacy / book club
  • transportation
  • money (economics 101)
  • English classes on the radio and resources for new immigrants/refugees
  • Chinese language public affairs
  • other non-English programming
  • music - we are open to many different genres
  • your original idea!

Guidelines for new shows:

  • No one-person applications will be accepted
  • All applicants must attend a station orientation before applying for a show
  • Preference will be give to shows with larger collectives and that have more diversity
  • All programming must be within Co-op Radio's programming mandate

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Check out the volunteer page here: