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A vibrant democracy depends on community access to a broad range of information, perspectives, and voices. Vancouver Co-op Radio tells the untold stories, showcases local artists and musicians, and covers issues and events from the perspectives of the social movements involved in addressing them. Co-op Radio stays on the air through the support of listeners like you.

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Call (604) 684-8494, ext. 230 and we'll take your membership pledge.

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370 Columbia Street in Vancouver, BC


You can print and fill out a Membership Form and mail it to: 

370 Columbia St.
Vancouver, BC
V6A 4J1

Ways to Love Co-op Radio

All payments can now be made through our secure online payment system!
If you don't want to use that method, please email,
or mail your contribution to 370 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1, 
or drop by the station at 370 Columbia Street between noon and 4 pm on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday after July 26.

Monthly Sustaining Membership

Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from either your bank account or credit card; you never need to renew your membership because the monthly amount of your choice is withdrawn until you tell us to stop. Direct debit monthly sustainers save us the most money in administrative fees and time. If you prefer the direct debit option, simply print this form, fill it out and mail it to Co-op Radio with a VOIDed cheque attached. 

Annual Membership

Annual membership contributions include $10 Membership dues paid once per year. Most members add a donation on top of that required $10 to help support the station. The suggested amount for an annual membership contribution is $100. 

One-time Donation

A donation to the radio station is welcome at any time! You don't have to become a member, and if you like, you can remain anonymous (just fill out the form accordingly).

Legacy Gift

A legacy gift names CFRO in your will. The most important thing is to use our proper legal name and charitable registration number in your will: Community Radio Education Society, Charity No. 11887 1086 RR0001.

You can leave a specific amount (an unrestricted bequest) in your will with wording such as this: “I bequeath to the Community Radio Education Society, Charity No. 11887 1086 RR0001 at 370 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territories, V6A 4J1, the sum of  $_____ ”

Or a residual bequest: “I bequeath to the Community Radio Education Society, Charity No. 11887 1086 RR0001 at #370 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC, Coast Salish Territories, V6A 4J1, __% of the residue of my estate after payment to the particular beneficiaries.”

Please contact our Executive Director, Bryan McKinnon, at if you have questions about this process.
Thank you for believing in the future of Co-op Radio!

Other Options to Maximize Your Membership

Visa Points Program

Some credit cards allow you to donate your points to charity... turn those points into progressive community radio! To redeem your points, call or go online to your credit card provider, follow the links to donate and select Community Radio Education Society.

Corporate Matching Program

Many companies will match the amounts that their employees contribute to charitable organizations. This means that if you donate $100 to the Community Radio Education Society, the company you work for will do the same, meaning your donation doubles! Ask the company’s HR or Finance department for more details, and let us know.

Tax Receipts

When you make a donation to the station, and want to be a member, $10 of your donation goes to your annual membership. For anything in addition to that over $50 donated, you will be issued a tax receipt.  Tax receipts are sent out each February.

If you need a tax receipt, please indicate that on your membership form. If you have not received your tax receipt by the last week of February, please email to ensure that we have your correct and complete address and receipt information.


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