Come out to Y57 Media's Music Social Night on Thursday May 8th at Ceili's Irish Pub, 670 Smithe Street.

This event brings together all walks of music life. We're inviting all musicians, bands, managers, friends, pals, boyfriends and girlfriends for a social evening of good company and great drinks!  We're treating this night as an homage to our amazingly talented musicians and radio guests. As a thank you for coming by our show, we wanted to create a night for you to network, bond and relax in the company of other equally awesome individuals.

So come on out Thursday, May 8th and join us for a night of beers, networking and of course, friendly conversation. We might even put a little dance in there.
We're currently promoting our early bird rate which is ONLY $7. Be sure to contact our music producer Sonia at to arrange your tickets.
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Y57 is Co-op Radio's youth radio program, broadcasting live every Tuesday from 8-9pm. Y57 provides an empowering media outlet that grants youth a public space to help cultivate their ability to build community and perform social critique. Y57 is also the only youth run radio program in the Lower Mainland.