You have been asking the question, “When is the station moving back?” And now we have an answer. Co-op Radio will be broadcasting live from 370 Columbia Street on July 25 at 1 pm.

Everything is packed up and ready to go from Wall Street. We will continue to broadcast from Wall Street until noon on Tuesday, July 18. At that point, the last of the control room equipment will be moved to our new/old address at 370 Columbia Street in the newly renovated Irving Hotel building.

For the week between July 18 and July 25, what you will hear on air is programming broadcast directly from the transmission tower up on Seymour Mountain. This programming has been prepared by the shows’ regular volunteer programmers under the direction of former Community Outreach Coordinator Laurence Gatinel, and Programming Director, Leela Chinniah. Their work ensures you will not miss out on any of the varied program Co-op Radio brings to air every week.

On July 25 at 1 pm, if all goes well, live broadcasting will resume from Vancouver Co-op Radio’s permanent home at 370 Columbia Street!

Don’t be confused by the new street address --  this is the space we left in June 2014, expecting to be at our temporary location for 18 months. Delays in the renovations of the Irving Hotel SRO were numerous (as these things tend to go), and the station space was used as a construction site office, so it has taken longer than expected to ready the space for our return.  We are excited to see the newly updated digs.

We appreciate your ongoing support in making this happen. Your contributions during our Membership Drive in the Fall of 2016 greatly bolstered the resources needed. And we are grateful for your listening resilience as our Move Management Team of Technical Director Anju Singh, and volunteers Ian Mass, Gwendolyn Reischman, and Valerie Bailey, has navigated and negotiated our way back home to the Downtown Eastside. With the help of your contributions, grants administered by our Director of Finance Wendy Montgomery, and successful negotiations to cover costs resulting from the delays, the Move will not affect any of Co-op Radio's regular operating budget. 

While the move takes place over the next three weeks, be aware that staff will be working without offices for part of that time, so email is the best way to contact them with questions. We will update you on any changes in the schedule here and on our social media.
Access to archives and livestream may also be affected during this time, and there will be delays in technical repairs as staff resources are directed to getting across the finish line of the Move.

We are almost home!