Our shortened Spring Member Drive was a big success, thanks to you, our members and listeners! We ended with 33 new members, 120 renewing members, many donors, and over $37,000 pledged. Most of these pledges are now in and processed.

Our Annual Birthday Bash during the Drive was a lot of fun, and we even made a few hundred dollars that went into the Drive total! Thank you to all who attended and to the performers on the Open Mic, and to bands Viper Central and Red Herring who gave their time and talent to make the night a success.

Next year’s Birthday Bash will kick off our Spring Member Drive from March 31 – April 9 (it will be a bit earlier because of where Easter falls in 2017). Be ready to party with Co-op Radio on Friday, March 31at the Wise Hall.

Our next Member Drive will be in the fall, October 14 – 24 Our move back to Columbia Street was delayed again and December is our new date to be back in the Columbia Street space we call home.

Thank you again for all the support you gave us in this most recent Member Drive and throughout the year. Co-op Radio CFRO loves to be your home on the air. If you want to tell us what you listen to on CFRO, tweet or post on facebook and finish the phrase #CFROmyhomefor …