A new radio show and podcast, "The Conversation Lab with Don Shafer" launches this Sunday May 12th from 10-11 am.

From host Don Shafer:

"Contributing to Co-op Radio has been fun as well as a refreshing if not a therapeutic reminder of how important local radio is. 

I believe that the more we can do to build bridges into our community and learn about each other through our stories and shared experiences that we can make a difference. 

I expect that The Conversation Lab will get messy at times as we learn more from community organizations, not for profits and change makers that are doing great work all around us.

Their stories will weave an interdisciplinary path that may help bring our community and our world a little bit closer as we talk about gender, race, religion, politics, climate, homelessness, kids, or whatever.

Understanding this interconnectedness may help broaden our understanding of this complex ecosystem. After all, there are no shortage of important things to talk about.

I hope you will join us and please - support your local radio station. Don’t take it for granted as I’d hate to see another one go off the air."