Are you a programmer looking to delve deeper into the inner workings of Co-op Radio?

Look no further than joining a Co-op Radio Committee! 


These Comittees are a fun way for members to get involved with everything from producting PSA, to faciliating training and repair tech gear!


You can sign up with the link below:


We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Production Committee
- PSA Production: Get creative by producing 30-60 second entertaining audio masterpieces!
- Converting Archives to Podcasts: Turn our best radio shows into downloadable podcasts
- Other digital audio work as it comes up  
- Full Training Provided! Work in teams or on your own.
Training Committee:
- Facilitate monthly Core Training for new and current programmers
- Topics include Core 1 (Policy), Core 2 (Broadcast Skills), Core 3 (Fundraising),
  Core 4 (Production) and Core 5 (Operators/Board Training)
- Gain hands on experience as a workshop facilitator & trainer
Technical Committee
- Organizing, labeling and filing our equipment rental library
- Aiding in the set up and maintenance of our broadcasting equipment
- Helping to build and maintain our Music studio based out of the MAC  studio
- Step up and solder! 
- Join the DIY Maker party and learn to fix things for yourself!
Outreach Committee:
- Get more Youth programmers into the station
- Get more multi-lingual programming onto the airwaves
- Attract new shows and programmers that fit our mandate and vision
- Join us at our table during summer music festivals
Programming Committee:
- Have a say in deciding what new programming should make it onto the airwaves
- Support new shows with feedback on their applications
- Help us develop new radio shows that listeners want to hear
- Shape the overall sound and content of the radio station
Fundraising & Promotions Committee:
- Come up with ways to raise money for the station
- Help with follow up calls and mailing for member renewals
- Aid in Fall and Spring member drives
- Learn the art of digital and social media promotion from the experts
- Get hands on experience working alongside fundraising professionals
- Provide customer care for our loyal listeners


You can sign up with the link below: