Look for Co-op Radio member-volunteers at these festivals and events:

Come by the Co-op Radio table, and pick up a Listener’s Guide or some of our new buttons. Chat with the volunteers, who are mostly station programmers. about their shows, and how you can get involved.

Become a member, or get a t-shirt. (We now have four colours and lots of sizes so you’re sure to find one that pleases you.)

Tabling and Swag at the Festival

We are also reaching out to you in other ways this summer.

You may have seen another wave of our three Co-op Radio images across the GVRD recently. Ten more of these posters went up in donated spots in Vancouver. The three designs feature Chelsea D.E. Johnson who is a frequent Co-op Radio guest; Johnny MacRae, a Co-op Radio listener; and Jasmine Liddell from the Wise Hall, one of our Community Partners.

They each tell us why they love Co-op Radio.

We trust that you love Co-op Radio, too. How about a button or t-shirt to show it? Here are three easy steps to get a t-shirt for free:

  • Take a selfie with one of our three designs from transit shelters around GVRD.
  • Then drop by our table at one of the festivals listed above and show a volunteer the photo.
  • We will give you one of our Co-op Radio t-shirts.

Call our Community Engagement Coordinator Laurence Gatinel at 604-684- 8494 ext. 230 or email her at communityoutreach[at]coopradio.org for more information about this contest. Or contact her if you’d like to suggest another event you’d like Co-op Radio to attend in the next couple of months.

For more information about the festivals where we will be at our Co-op Radio table, see:

Or click on the logos down at the right here on our website in the Community Partners section to take you to the website of each of our partners. If you are involved with a non-profit organization that would like to become a Community Partner, please contact Director of Member Services, Pamela Bentley at community[at]coopradio.org.