We have Member Drives twice a year because we want you to be part of growing our co-operative and making it stronger. We invite you to renew your membership or become a member in the coming 10 days. Your contributions are what keep us going. We are listener-supported, and our members’ contributions and supporters’ donations make up a third of our operating budget. You help keep the community programming you love commercial free.

As well, this Member Drive will be our last at our temporary space at 2014 Wall Street as we prepare to return to our roots in the Downtown Eastside. Our tech crew is now in our station space on Columbia Street in the newly renovated Irving Hotel (renamed for the original hotel that was built there in 1907.) They are assessing, cleaning, wiring, building so that once again, as in the move here, we will not go off air throughout.

There is a lot to do to get the Columbia Street space ready, so we are asking you to give a little bit extra this Fall Member Drive to cover the costs of the renovations there and the move back. If everyone gives $15 extra when they renew their memberships, we can make our Fall Member Drive goal of $45,000.

And we have some help making this happen during the Member Drive. A generous member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has agreed to match every one of those extra dollars, plus any new memberships or donations. They will match up to a total of $10,000. This means if you give $15 extra when you renew, it actually counts as an extra $30 to the station. And if you make a donation of $200, it’s actually $400 for the station. If you are a Sustainer, please consider increasing your monthly contribution by $1.50/month.

If you have been thinking about becoming a Co-op Radio member, now’s a perfect time to do it, because every dollar you contribute with your membership is doubled.

It’s easy to do. You can click on the Donate to Co-op Radio button above to renew your membership, become a member or simply make a donation. Make sure to choose the Co-op Radio show that you want to support with your gift.

Or you can call 604-684-8494 and speak to our Director of Member Services or one of the many volunteers who will be answering the phone during the Drive.

Please share our social media posts about the Drive so that your friends will join you as part of our co-operative member-owned community.

If you want to know more about why we need you to help us get back to our longtime roots, check out the FAQs below and have a look at our new Listener's Guide.


Hotel Irving

Hotel Irving 1918 - Hotel Irving today - Jelly Roll Morton who played at the Irving Cabaret
Photos: James Crookall (cropped) ca 1918, City of Vancouver Archives #260-1041 -- Pam Bentley -- Hogan Jazz Archives 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Move Back:

"I like the space on Wall Street. Why is Co-op Radio moving back?"
We moved to our location on Wall St. in June 2014 as a temporary location expecting to be here for only 16 months. The space was built quickly in order to meet our immediate needs but was not built as a permanent location.

"What is better about the station space in the Irving Hotel building on Columbia Street?" 

  • The control rooms and studio are more thoroughly soundproof
  • The studio is bigger, allowing us to have more live musicians playing on air (which is an important part of Co-op Radio's history and character)
  • There are more common areas for meetings, training and in-station events 

"Doesn't it cost a lot to move back?"
It does cost a lot to move a radio station. But, since the rent for the Columbia Street location is so much lower, the move back is, in fact, a more financially sustainable option for the organization in the long run.

"How are the renovations to the Columbia St. location and the moving costs being paid?"
We have received some grants to cover some of the costs but not all. We are asking members to help support the move by giving a little extra ($15 or more) during this Fall Member Drive.

"But I thought the Columbia St. location was already renovated?"
The construction at the Irving Hotel was to improve the housing that is located above the station. Co-op Radio's station space was completed emptied and used as the construction site office during that project. As a result we have work to do to make the space useful as a radio station again.

"What specific things are needed?"

  • we have to replace our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system as a result of changes made during the construction (an estimated cost of $25,000)
  • we need a new phone system (about $12,000)
  • we want to equip our new control rooms with new CD players ($350 each) and computers ($600 each) 

"How can I help?"
If you are a member of the station, consider donating an extra $15 (or more!) to the station during this Fall Member Drive. If you are a monthly sustainer, consider pledging an extra $1.50/month. If you're not a member, please consider becoming one. Or simply make a donation. Your contribution directly supports the running of the radio station and our renovation costs. Call 604-684-8494 or click on the Donate button at the top right of the Co-op Radio website and choose to renew, become a member, or simply donate.

"What else do I need to know?"
The move from Columbia Street was unexpected; the move back was not. However, the Board of Directors considered all options before making the decision to move back. We expected this move back to happen last Fall, but there were delays caused by circumstances out of our control. We have negotiated some compensation to cover the extra costs that this delay created, but we still need your help.

We expect that this will be the last move the station will have to make. Once renovations are done and Co-op Radio is settled back at Columbia Street, we will be able to benefit from our experience at Wall Street and to focus our energy on making Co-op Radio the best non-profit community-based, cooperatively-owned station that it can be. We have been resilient and achieved so much with few resources for over 40 years. We will continue to do so when we arrive back home on Columbia Street.

Special Fall Member Drive Programming and upcomming events

  • Tune in this Saturday, October 15 for a special Member Drive edition of Make A Better World to find out more.
  • Don't miss Marc the Knife, a Ragbag Special, Sunday October 16, from 9 to 11 pm
    Your host Steve Bowell brings you his award-wining documentary Marc the Knife: The Overshadowed Career of Marc Blitzstein.  Focusing on the American composer who wrote the 1937 labour opera The Cradle Will Rock and the authorized translation of The Threepenny Opera.
  • Look for us at CCEC Credit Union at their pancake breakfast during Co-op Week October 20 from 10 a.m. to noon.
  • Join us Friday, October 21 at Princeton Pub for a special night of jazz, folk and art rock with Red Herring (now with keyboards added). A Fall Member Drive social for programmers, members and listeners.
  • Aloha Monday will have a benefit concert featuring the Royal Aloha Monday Orchestra (a band that was formed by Co-op Radio programmers on the Royal Aloha Monday show), Sunday October 23, from 6pm to 8pm, at Kino Café, 3456 Cambie Street, between the 18th and 19th avenues.
  • Stories of Shared Territory with Storytelling programs, Sunday Oct 30, from 12:30pm to 2pm at the Carnegie Centre 3rd Floor Gallery, 401 Main Street.