Dusty is back again with her amazing DIY Tour Booking Workshop April 6th from 2:30 to 5:30 PM at Vancouver Co-op Radio !


Are you a musician looking to book your first tour but don't know where to start? Have you booked tours in the past but are frustrated with not knowing the best way to organize the information or get more interest?

Dusty Exner is a veteran booking agent with hundreds of dates for bands from Canada, the US and abroad under her belt. Formerly the co-owner of Calgary-based indie booking company SIN Agency, Dusty booked bands in almost every state and province in the US and Canada, and even booked tours for bands in Mexico.

This workshop will help you get tour ready and create the marketing materials you will need to successfully book shows. You will learn how to route a tour, budget for a tour, find and contact venues and secure dates.

All proceeds from this event are going to fund Girls Rock Camp La Paz, in Mexico. Now on its second year running, Girls Rock Camp La Paz is the only event of its kind in Baja California Sur that empowers young Mexican women to learn to play instruments and make music.


"Dusty puts on an entertaining, informative and practical workshop on DIY band booking. As Dusty puts it "who is going to care more than yourself?" This workshop is especially relevant for bands who are just starting out. Save yourselves years of trial and error, and listen to Dusty." - Joni M.

"Being able to benefit from Dusty's life experience in one of the most unique, complicated, and unconventional career industries is incredibly helpful and informative for any up-and-coming artist. Her willingness to share vital information, as well as her openness and welcoming spirit, make her an ideal candidate to mentor those who wish to undergo the challenging and rewarding lifestyle of a touring artist. With a natural innate sense of ingenuity and a passion for creativity in regards to freelance business, Dusty is capable of inspiring any level of musician to challenge themselves and reach for higher goals."
- Aaron T.


"Dusty booked our band, The Nailheads, in 3 countries: Canada, USA and Mexico. To our satisfaction, as well as to her credit, she did it efficiently and effectively. It was a task not many can achieve as successfully unless they put the pedal to the metal and grind away at it with purposeful precision and dedicated work ethic. We commend Dusty in having provided us with many golden opportunities to reach a much broader audience."
- The Nailheads

"The tour Dusty booked us was amazing! She updated me on each and every step and taught me a lot about booking tours along the way. She even helped out while we were on the road, contacting venues and promoters to make sure we had the best experience possible"
- The Deadset

Tickets are $35, registration/ticket link here: https://bit.ly/2O621JA


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