Coming up soon: a four part radio documentary about Diverse Voices: Storytelling through Sound Art .

The episodes will be playing on four successive Saturdays 4 - 5 pm begining October 1.  The documentary explores voices creating SoundArt in the MAc program and with the support of BC Arts Council. 

Through our Media Arts Committee, six established, BC media artists from diverse backgrounds were supported in producing sound art pieces that share stories from their experiences and communities.

The artists produced sound art pieces that are 15 to 25 minutes in length and use storytelling as the main compositional direction. The project aims to increase opportunities for sound artists from marginalized communities, to amplify under-heard stories through the medium of sound art. It also encouraged collaboration between artists from diverse backgrounds. There is often a lack of representation specifically from Aboriginal, recent immigrant, and non-English speaking artists in the dominant sound art circles in the Lower Mainland. Our focus for artist selection and for the artist call was to draw six artists from these communities. 

Leah Manson's time creatiing the documentary was supported by a Radiometers Youth Grant from Community Radio Fund of Canada. 

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