Did someone say "Accordion Revolution"? Bruce's book on the untold history of the squeezebox finally launches 7-9 pm Friday, June 28th!

The party starts at Accordion Noir's home base CFRO Co-Op Community Radio (370 Columbia St.). Registration is required. Please register by clicking here.

Books will be available, along with prizes, multimedia-enhanced readings, live music, and the second hour of the book launch will be broadcast live so international fans can attend from the comfort of their own time-zone!


Accordion Revolution's early reviews:

“A rollicking journey that enhances the joy of the instrument I hold in my arms every night!”

— Jenny Conlee, The Decemberists

“Bruce Triggs gives the accordion the scholarship it deserves, demonstrating its overlooked, important impact on music history.”

— Krist Novoselić, Giants in the Trees, Nirvana

“Given the general, pretty much universal level of mockery of the accordion, this a book that I never thought I’d see written. Well done.”

— James Fearnley, The Pogues

The latest updates about book sales will be at: