Here is the training schedule for Winter and Spring 2019 !

You can sign up for all training sessions by clicking HERE


All new programmers are required to take the full Core Training program which consists of 4 sessions. These sessions are modular, meaning that they can be taken in any order. These trainings are also open to long-time programmers looking to sharpen their skills.
Core 1: Policy and Regulations
The basics of your responsibilities as a programmer: the laws and policies that govern you as a broadcaster at Co-op Radio. We also look at how to work well as a group and communication skills when giving feedback.
Core 2: On-Air Skills
The basics of on-air skills: show formats, interview skills, writing for radio. We also look at communication skills when receiving feedback. 
Core 3: Fundraising and Community Engagement
The skills you need to help you meet your fundraising requirements to the station: donor types,strategies for fundraising, how to pitch on-air and in-person. We also look at how to use social media to connect with your audience.
Core 4: Production Skills
The basics of recording and editing sound: proper recording technique, using Audacity to edit sound. 
Control Room Training 
Learn the broadcast board and all of the uqipment avaiable in the control room and studios. All operators need to be trained and certified. If you want to become a certified operator,