• Monday 7-8pm
Public Affairs

STARK RAVEN (1st Monday of each month)

A closer look at prisons and criminalization. Join us and hear from those who have survived psychiatry, incarceration and the criminal justice system.  Find out about those engaged in visioning and implementing creative and inspiring alternatives.



COMMON LAW RADIO (2nd and 4th Monday of each month)

Common Law Radio exists to explore the legal issues of our time, from the point of view of the lawyers and individuals involved. Visit us at www.commonlawradio.org where you can stream past episodes, subscribe to emails about new episodes, listen to this program as a podcast, and follow our twitter account.

Our Facebook Page, Twitter @CommonLawRadio, and Apple iTunes Podcast Page

BEAUTIFUL MINDS RADIO (3rd Monday of each month)

Beautiful Minds seeks to inform people about mental illness, promote mental health in all of us, increase acceptance and erode the stigma of mental illness. The show includes news, interviews, resources, humour and events related to mental illness. We explore common perceptions of mental illness, examine differing viewpoints regarding health service delivery, and include personal stories of those experiencing mental illness.

Write info[at]beautifulmindsradio[dot]org, visit www.beautifulmindsradio.org and follow us on Twitter @beautifulmindsR