• Thursday 9pm-Friday 12am

Until September, the Arts Rational and My Musical share this slot based on productions teams availability. Starting in September, the Arts Rational will come back with a 90 to 120 min format, followed by My Musical Life.


Arts Rational

Interviews and commentary on the local arts scene.  Including theatre, art house and commercial cinema.  Serious music, dance and movement.  What's on at galleries and festivals of all kinds.  New and emerging artists are welcome to call us. 

Interim coordinator
Contact: laurence@coopradio.org

Coordinator on leave:
Contact: Gerry Kowalenko at
604-681-4038 and gerrykowalenko@yahoo.ca

If you want to join the team, drop us a line at laurence@coopradio.org


My Musical Life

A show where people come to talk about the music they love and that influenced them. The show appears and disappear from the schedule depending on the mood of the production team. :o)

You want to be a guest or suggest one? Contact us at connect@mymusicallife.ca