Notification of Annual General Meeting:
Sunday November 17, 2019  - 1:00 to 3:00

At Vancouver Co-op Radio Station - 370 Columbia Street (between Hastings & Cordova)

(NOTE: The earlier email notification gave a different location: the AGM has been moved to The Radio Station at 370 Columbia Street)


V O T I N G   G U I D E

Board of Directors 2019-2020


Current Board Members

Kate Mooney - Chair

Bereket Kebede

Macarena Cataldo

Adrian Margarint


Members need to vote in 5 Board Members at the AGM


Returning Nominees

Vanessa Stevens

Alnoor Gova


New Nominees

Maira Hassan

Bobby Motamed

Dusty Exner


What about you?

Download Your Board Recruitment Form


Come to the AGM and be nominated from the floor

We are still open to nominations for the Board of Directors. This is an exciting time to participate in the governance of the station. Board members receive training and are a crucial part of keeping the station focused on its mandate. 

Contact: boardliaison[at]coopradio[dot]org for more information
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