3 Into 1

with David Love Jones

Jazz. Soul. Latin.

David was first interested in music at 9 yrs old, back in the UK. Bought 1st record MFSB Sound of Philadelphia.45 RPM. Parents both played Blues, Folk, Sung and collected music. The music his parents liked was Blues, Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, R+B, Soul, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Hendrix, Beach Boys.
Upon coming to Canada, David worked at Record Shops, from 18 years old on, in Vancouver. Getting a lot of work as LOVE JONES DISCO. w/ the JAZZMANIAN DEVILS playing Rare Groove and Disco. Dennis, lead Singer, thought he needed a name to DJ all the Rare Groove, Soul, gigs with. .. David Love Jones was born!
Since the 90`s and In recents years with Local Soul Band " The Epics" DJ`ing all 60`s Soul and Funk ( on vinyl) @ The Biltmore..with Local Brazilian Band "Sambata" ( all Brazilian on Vinyl) David also Spins Hip Hop, Funk, Soul Funk Latin elsewhere in Vancouver.
His Shop Vinyl Records on West Hastings is in its 19th year.
Currently, David is producing a documentary film on 72 Yrs Old Local Soul Singer jayson Hoover
David Love Jones